Matured Cheese Tilsit – 17.28 lei approx. cost/piece – 320 g

11.00 lei

  Price/Kilo: 54 Lei

  The price includes VAT

  Quantity: 300-400 grams

  Maturation: minimum 4 months

  Validity term: 6 months

  It can be sold in bulk.

  Fats: minimum 48%

For a partnership with regular deliveries and quantities in amount of 300 lei / order, we can sign a commercial agreement and as applicable, the delivery of products by our car fleet if you are in our coverage area. (Alba, Cluj, Mureş, Mircurea Ciuc, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Bucharest, Timisoara, Sibiu, Oradea-Soon, Satu Mare-soon)

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The Matured Cheese Tilsit is a semi-hard cheese obtained from the pasteurized cow milk. It has a firm, soft and butter colour consistency. Thanks to the maturation with brevibacterium cultures, the crust of cheese has a slightly reddish colour with taste of nut. We recommend that you savour it at room temperature. Just taste once its strong and harmonious flavour and Tilsit will not miss from your meals! 




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