Parmesan Cheese Trascău – 31.6 lei approx. cost/piece – 400 grams

31.60 lei

Price/Kilo: 79 Lei

The price includes VAT

Quantity: 350 – 400 grame

Maturation: minimum 3 months

Validity term: 6 months

Fats: minimum 48%



We are happy to spoil you with the incontestable flavours of the Italian cuisine, gathered in a delicious bouquet in the parmesan cheese Torockoi. Along the two years of careful maturation, our cheese Tilsit turns slowly, slowly into the explosion of slightly spicy tastes and dense textures.

Use it with confidence when you are yearning for rich sauces for pasta or you can add it to steaks, salads or as topping for pizza.


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